How to optimize the best of different governance models?

Marzo 26/04/2022

At Unión Atlántica we sometimes find it hard to use the word “agency” since we know it’s usually associated with a traditional model that hasn’t changed much in recent years. We, on the other hand, are committed to constant evolution and transformation.

But actually, we adopt whatever works for us from the different models and use it according to the particularities of our workflow. We don’t stick to an established model but make it our own, using what works best for us, modifying it as we see fit, and moving on from what we feel does not fit our vision.

1. Agency? Yes. Freelance? Yes.

Instead of being organized according to the often rigid structure of a classic agency, our team is composed of freelancers all over the world, "free" personalities united by common goals and values.

Agency because:

  • We work by processes.
  • We have the spirit of unity of a real team. Despite being freelancers, we combine our actions according to projects in common.
  • We always work as a team, because we believe that this is the best way to go further and better.
  • We share a common vision, which allows us to achieve goals together.

Freelancers because:

  • We thrive on the different cultures and personalities brought by the members of a 100% international team.
  • We value the flexibility and space that the freelance model allows, which by the way, as has already been proven in several studies, promotes productivity and motivation.
  • We can call on the experience and skills of professionals from all over the world, always assembling the best team without geographical limitations or the barriers of the "office" concept.

2. Our "verzontal" model

A vertical organization establishes a system of hierarchy among the different members/departments, while the more contemporary horizontal model aims for the different processes within the organization to have a certain degree of autonomy.

At Atlántica we believe that each model has its advantages, and we’re committed to combining both in our own system:

Horizontal model because:

  • It allows more transparent and convenient access to information.
  • It’s a model that encourages 100% collaboration and mutual help among members.
  • There’s autonomy for everyone to work in the way that best allows us to add to the success of each project.

Vertical model because:

  • Contact with clients occurs at a single point, through our project managers. This allows an optimal communication bridge between the client and the team.
  • Administrative and billing issues, for example, are handled on behalf of the agency, so that our freelancers don’t have to spend valuable time on these issues.

We combine the stability and power of the agency model with the freedom and appetite for innovation that more modern models offer. Another agency? Maybe. But here we prefer the words "alliance", "union", and the most important one: team.